Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19th Deals!


$1.58 (2) Jiffy Corn Bread mix
$1.24 Johnson's Baby Oil (clearanced)
$0.69 Peroxide
$19.96 (4) Roc Facial Cleansers
(go here for your own $5 off coupon! You can print 2 per computer!)

subtotal before coupons= $23.47, subtotal after coupons= $1.37, tax= $1.63, total= $3.00
(a savings of 94% :D ...I love it when my subtotal is less than my tax!)

Mom....I told you to let me get baby oil for you! Aren't you glad you agreed?!



Army of Mac & Cheese:

$10.50 (21) Kraft Mac & Cheese
$9.62 (4) Kraft salad dressing
$6.32 (3) Kraft Singles (1 regular, 2 delux)
$0.98 lettuce
$2.08 3lb onions
$2.98 Blue Bunny ice cream
$7.88 (2) Glade Plug-Ins Scented Oil Warmer

subtotal before coupons= $40.36, total after coupons= $9.49 + tax
(a savings of 77%)

coupons used are listed in comments

1 comment:

  1. (MC) = manufacturer's coupon
    (IP) = internet printed
    coupons used at Walgreens:

    in-ad coupon: $0.39 Jiffy Mix
    in-ad coupon: $0.39 peroxide
    MC: $1/1 Johnson's baby product
    MC, IP: (4) $5.00/1 Roc product
    coupons used at Walmart:

    (MC): (4) free Kraft salad dressing wyb 3 other Kraft products
    (MC): (2) $1.00 off produce wyb 2 Kraft dressings
    (MC): (3) free Kraft Singles wyb 3 other Kraft products
    (MC): free Blue Bunny ice cream
    (MC): (2) $4/1 Glade Plug-Ins Scented Oil Warmer

    fyi - my cashier must have been tired, because she entered some of the free coupons wrong and I ended up getting $1.95 more off than I should have. But it all equals out, since last time they shorted me $1.00 and this trip, one item rang up $1.00 over shelf price....all of these I noticed once I was home.


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