Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Quick Little Update

Monday Rowan had her 1 week check-up. She now weighs 7lbs 8oz...6oz less than when she was born. At her check-up I also learned that she will have a gender issue with her name - our pediatrician asked if we had "him" circumcised! Good to know he read her chart. (said with thick sarcasm and rolling of the eyes!)

As for Breck...let's just say he's less than overjoyed at having a little sister at home. I'm pretty sure he likes Rowan less and less each day. I'm convinced that he only plays nice to get close to her and then WHACK...he smacks her in the face, pinches her, or tries to suffocate her with his own face....sneaky child he is.....he makes this last one look like a loving hug. But I'm wise to his tactics.

Our garden is going strong! I had to pick green beans on both Sunday and Monday and we got almost 2 1/2lbs from just those 2 days! Seth has been in Minnesota for work since Sunday and wanted me to save some picking for him, so I resisted the back ache for today so he can pick Wednesday evening...I'm guessing he'll get close to 3lbs. And I have a feeling we'll be canning in no time! Our banana peppers are setting on and our grape tomatoes should be turning red in the next week or two! There are a bazillion cucumbers on the vine, but they're all little...for now.

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