Thursday, June 19, 2008

Breck's Rough Day

Breck had a pretty rough day today. He spent some "quality" time with the naughty chair for hitting his sister, then when he was playing outside with Seth, he fell and scrapped the scabs off of his knees, which were pretty deep anyway, so he came in with bloody legs...poor little guy! And he's cutting teeth, has a cough, and I noticed today that he has bloodshot eyes - not sure if that's allergies, from just being tired or if he's sick.

Seth gave Breck an ice pack to make his owies on his knees feel better, but Breck's first experience with an ice pack was for his head, so now he thinks that's where it goes for ALL owies!

Jill stopped by today and had presents for Rowan and of course, Breck. (it's quite amazing how many gift he gets just for being a big brother!) She got him a cool pool toy set - a bucket and some pretty awesome boats! (Yes Jill, they are awesome!) And Breck, being the comedic genius that he is, turns the bucket into a prop! He ran around the house for a while with the bucket on his head...he ran into the bouncy seat a few times, but did surprisingly well for not being able to see. Of course we laugh, which only fuels the fire!!! :) (we really could get rid of our tv and be just fine on entertainment!)

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