Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Been a Whirlwind

For those of you who do not follow along over at my photography blog, allow me to catch you up on the past month and a half...

Nov. 15th :: 12:00pm - find out that Seth was given a {much awaited} promotion which would move us 700 miles away to Houston, Texas.

Nov.  15th :: 6:00pm - start packing clutter

Nov. 16th thru 24th - declutter, depersonalize, touch up paint, move 95% of our furniture around to stage the house, spread new mulch, plus many other things I'm forgetting

Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving lunch with friends, travel 2 hours for Thanksgiving with family

Nov. 26th & 27th - relax

Nov. 28th - house goes on market, fly to Houston to house hunt for 7 hours

Nov. 29th - Find a house, negotiate a price

Nov. 30th - fly home

Dec. 1st thru 23rd - lots of house and relocation stuff

Dec. 24th - drive to Iowa for Christmas with family

Dec. 25th - Christmas with family, drive home

Dec. 26th - I came down with what felt like strep, went to doctor, not strep instead is virus that morphs into every possible unpleasant symptom

Dec. 27th :: 8:30am - movers arrive to pack the house and break a few things in the process

Dec. 27th :: 5:00pm - everything we own is in a box

Dec. 28th - special packers come to crate some glass table tops and tv

Dec. 29th :: 8:30am - movers load the truck

Dec. 29th :: 5:00pm - Everything we own is in a truck

Dec. 30th - spend night at airport hotel, close on the Houston house

Dec. 31st - fly to Houston and on the decent Rowan throws the BIGGEST fit I've ever heard/seen a child throw. Evil stares and parental suggestions are given as passengers walk by our seats.

Right now we're at another hotel with a rough week still ahead. 


  1. I was thinking about you today and wondering where you were at in the move. Amazing that you were able to find a house so quickly! How soon do you hope the other house sells?

  2. Oh Katie! What a month & 1/2 it has been for you!!! Asoide from being sick, it sounds las if everything is going well, moving along quickly!

    I hope you are feeling better SOON! and I'm sending you much support and many happy thoughts!

  3. Gracious girl!! Sick, broken belongings, fit throwing daughter...oh my!!!! I know you are ready to settle down and adjust to your new life. I've been praying for y'all!

  4. I wish I could have seen Rowan. Now that I can barely believe! :)

    Glad things are going well!


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