Monday, October 24, 2011

Piano Man

Over the weekend Seth's parents brought us their piano!
We are planning to get the kids started on an instrument and this seemed like a good {and free} option.
Both kids love "playing" and Breck has even started requesting to have an audience.



  1. Eek! Christmas music already!? Lol.

    Love the views you captured! Beautiful!

  2. AWESOME!!! Here's a little help if you want it..tee hee!

    The notes for the song that is shown are g g a b c b a

    The g is the white key between the first two black keys on the set of three black it? C is where you start when playing...c d e f g a b c...the c is the key to the left of the first black key in a set of two.

    Hope that helps a little....:O)

  3. Great collage! Love the black and white.

  4. nice post thanks for sharing... loves soraya


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