Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog.

Boy, did May fly by lickity-split or what!?

Breck turned 5 this past Saturday!
...and I didn't even get one blurry candid of him...

I do have a handful of photos of the kids to share, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little longer as the rest of the week and weekend are looking to be very full! Breck has his Pre-K graduation this week, which I'm planning to video, provided I remember to charge the camera battery, load the memory card and actually take the camera with us! Then this weekend my mom and sister are coming down, Monday I'll be doing a mini-photo shoot and editing those shots. And then summer will be upon us...sleeping in, gardening, leisurely trips to Deanna Rose, the library and many other places is on the list. 

I really need to get organized with a schedule...if only Rowan would stop writing her own plans on my calender we'd be in fine shape.

Here's her latest to-do list:

...and then she asked me to read it to her! 

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  1. What a busy, busy Momma!

    Look forward to the video of Breck's big day!!

    Enjoy your family visit...


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