Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Special Wedding

Last weekend, my BIL (and now SIL) were married!
Plus, we gained a niece/cousin in the process!
(Some of you who read my blog were there, so this will just be a quick flashback for you.)

The whole thing was really beautiful...once you found where you were going.

They got married in this 12th century church.
(It was moved to Fulton, Missouri from London!)

It. Was. Gorgeous!

And cold, since they apparently kept it authentic by not installing any kind of modern heating.

And here's a shot of one smokin' hot best man.

Breck was the ring bearer.
(aka: The Blur)
He did a really great job.
I just wish 'someone' would have thought to take him to the bathroom before the ceremony began.
He made it down the aisle, then immediately requested a bathroom break.

 I managed to get a shot of him in his super awesome tux before the wedding!
I only got this shot because he didn't know I was there.
(and yes, the tux the store sent was about 4 sizes too big...but when you're 5 hours away from the tux shop you have to make due!)

Rowan was fairly well behaved while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

She was the best behaved while the bagpipe player was playing.
...I wish he could have played the whole time!

The kneeling pads (or napping pillows as she thought) proved to be a fun distraction...until she tried walking on them, fell and hit her head on a pew during the ceremony.

Needless to say, a screaming child in a 12th century church echos just a little, so I had to take her completely out of the church.

We got back just in time to see the end of everything.


The reception hall was...unconventional.
And insanely was an actual house with a gorgeous reception hall attached to it.
Kind of like a glorified sun porch...but very beautiful!
(you can see about half of the hall in this shot. Behind me was an open space for the dj and dance floor.)

We, along with several other families, stayed the night at this house.
It was nice to not have to drive anywhere and to have plenty of space for the kids to play, but I could have done without the DJ speakers blaring approximately 50 feet from our bed until midnight.

It was nice to wake up in the morning and be able to take some shots in peace and quiet.


I took more photos of details and stuff that you can see on my photo blog if you want.


  1. BEAUTIFUL church but your pictures really make it all pop.

  2. What a beautiful wedding! Love your pictures!

  3. I think an over-sized tuxedo is perfectly charming. :0) So glad we got to see shots of the big day...

  4. Gorgeous church. I love old churches, there is something so sublime about them. Beautiful wedding!

  5. Oh wow!! This was absolutely gorgeous! What beautiful lighting you had too for your pictures. Breck looked so handsome in his big tux. :) And Rowan...well I saw no two year old behavior coming from her. ;) She looked so angelic.

  6. What a beautiful wedding site! The church looks SOO nice!

  7. LOVELY. The reception area was perfect!! What a neat place for a wedding :O)


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