Friday, November 12, 2010



Breck made this lovely arrangement for me yesterday!
He hand picked each leaf from our front yard.


And there are few things more exciting than watching city crews work to repair a water pipe across the street!


We participate in a backpack program for under privileged kids and the child we sponsor sent us a thank you, along with a few pictures! We thought that was pretty cool, so we put it on the fridge. This is Breck just figuring out that someone else's drawing is hanging up. It turned out to be a really good opportunity to teach him about giving!


  1. What a pretty arrangement! What a lucky momma!

  2. Very sweet arrangement and love the shot of the kids looking out the window.

  3. Oh my word!!!! Look at that tree sitting in your front yard! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! What a beautiful arrangement Breck made for you. They are the best ones! That last picture is just priceless too. I didn't realize he was looking at the refrigerator until I read. HA! I thought it was just a dark area or something.

  4. That red tree in your front yard is gorgeous!! I would love to have that in my front yard. I have a sad looking palm tree that is not liking our cold weather right now : )

  5. That's so cute, the leaf arrangement - and sweet! We are doing shoeboxes this year as our outreach program. What a great lesson in giving!


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