Friday, October 15, 2010

Rowan's Favorite Book


Can you tell what it is?
It's a New Testament pocket Bible!

She LOVES it. 
It's not a children's version either, so there are no pictures...only words.
But she loves it nonetheless.

It's like her keen child-senses know that it is filled with everything she could ever need.
She even takes it to bed, hugging it close to her heart.

I could not be prouder of her!


  1. I remember reading a children's version of the bible as a child cover to was and is still one of my fav books!

  2. Abby did the same thing when she was that age! But hers was in Hebrew! It's so sweet.

  3. That is so sweet! Our youngest loves to carry around the same bible. I recently had to take it away from her because she discovered how fun tearing pages out of books is :(

  4. Oh, oh, oh!!! I love this picture. A child looking at God's word and to top it off she is straight out the tub. Super sweet!!!


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