Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun

These are just a few miscellaneous shots from the past week:

Whenever we're at the park and we're the only ones there, I let the kids climb up the slides.
I remember doing it when I was little and how much fun it was!
I also remember how incredibly obnoxious it was when I was trying to slide down and another kid was climbing up...hence why it's only allowed when no one else is there!


Rowan is tenacious.
She's slowly teaching herself how to peddle the trike and I'm amazed at how patient she is with the learning process.

She's also incredibly fast, given her chubbiness!

Here's a leaf Breck wanted to show you!

And another one of him from the leaf jumping!


  1. Such cute shots - tell Breck I love the leaf.

    Goodness does his hair really look orange/red in the last shot. Is it that dark? I thought it was more blond.

  2. Love these!!! Great shots of the kids :)

  3. Oh yes. My boys love to climb up the slides. Love the leave pictures :)

  4. Too cute!!

    Purple is everywhere in Manhattan! I actually work in the little apple. So it is fun that I now officially know a blogger who lived there once apon a time. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. YOur children are adorable. I used to love climbing up the slide too. So much more fun than using the ladder.
    Love the leaf picture!

  6. First....I am extremely jealous of the long sleeves and pants. It is still 87 here in the south! And little Rowan looks so big running in that picture. Her little baby look is quickly disappearing! Tell Breck I like the leaf too!

    Oh and the slide thing....I'm the same way at a park. I always say "go up the ladder and down the slide unless we are the only ones here".


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