Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Never Know What You'll See

You'd be amazed at how many different things we see on the same 4-block stretch.

The other day, the kids and I were walking back from picking Breck up at school and we decided to stop at one of the ponds.

We went down to the water and


There went a handful of frogs!

Three Frogs - wm

As we looked closer, we saw a ton of little minnows

fish - wm

We looked up and saw this cool and very orange 4-winged bug!

orange bug - wm

And when we looked up even more, we saw this neat bird.
I have no idea what it is....anyone have a guess?

Bird - wm


  1. These are incredible captures Katie!

  2. Great pictures! And a very nice blog, too. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  3. Oh wow!! Those are great shots!

  4. Your pictures are so good. Wow you all really saw some great little creatures.

  5. Miss Wookie might know what kind of bird that is! I think it is in the crane family. Lovely pictures!

  6. The first one is my favorite! And the bird.. very cool, don't know what it is though!

  7. Now that is a lot of different sights on a small little walk. :) I love the frog picture! Excellent catch!

  8. I am loving these pictures! The first one is my personal favorite : )

  9. These are fabulous! I especially love the first one of the frogs. Too cool!

  10. Beautiful photos :)

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog also :)

  11. Katie, I LOVE these! I don't often take pictures of animals, bugs, etc...but these may have changed my mind! Just amazing. My fave is the little orange guy...what a shot! (OK, totally love the frogs too!) :-)


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