Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Tomato Bush

This is one of our tomato plants:

It's a little big.

We don't have a good garden space, so we planted our garden throughout the landscaping in the back yard. This is the only plant that has taken off to such an extreme.

The other tomato plants are more like skinny trees.

We can't wait until we're inundated with more tomatoes!!!


  1. Oooooooooh, that's so cool! I always wanted to have my own garden. This way you get veggies without having to devote tons of yard space to it.

  2. Yikes.. it really got huge. I did my garden in my landscaping too this year. We did OK... but next year I'm hoping for more!

  3. I love tomatoes. I am actually off to my garden right now. YUM

  4. The texture in that picture is so good. I felt like I could grab one of those tomatoes through my computer screen-look so real! Lovely.

  5. Wow! It grew huge and the tomatoes look so yummy! My plant that survived my brown thumb is done for the year and we only got to enjoy 4 tomatoes. Oh well..maybe next time.

  6. Those toms look great, ours are all cherry this year I'm missing tomato sandwiches.


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