Sunday, August 15, 2010

Practice Photo Shoot: Amanda & Pancho

Somehow I've guilted conned skillfully convinced my BIL and soon to be SIL (:D) to let me try my hand at their engagement pictures!

But, to be quite honest...I've never done anything even close to an engagement photo shoot. In fact, I rarely photograph people.
...mainly because I have zero willing models at home...

So while we were in Iowa, my sister and her boyfriend kindly agreed to be my practice models.
They are really easy going, funny and funky people which made the whole thing really fun!

We had the shoot in downtown Des Moines. And I must say that downtown has really been beautified since I was in high school/college, which made for some unexpected shots!

We were out for about 2-3 hours and I took approximately 150 photos. When I got home, I dwindled it down to about 50 good ones, then chose 20 of the best from that.

I know a lot of you out there do this regularly as a hobby or a living, so I'd appreciate any constructive criticism or tips you care to share!

Here are some of my favorite shots:
(you can see all 20 images here.)


  1. Oh these are just wonderful!! You did a really great job!

  2. Great shots - my favorite two are the hands in front of the doors and their legs!

  3. You did a great job! I love the settings you chose and I too love the photo of them holding hands in front of the doors.

  4. Great first try. Love the same ones as Kristal and the last one!

    Well, most of the improvements would have to do with focus and the fact they are shouldn't have worn white. Other than that not to shabby, lady!

  5. What a great first try - I love the one with the letters all over...great lighting. I know they'll be happy with them.

  6. Let me say this -- you can take pictures for me ANYTIME! :) They are good.

    I love numbers 6, 9, 11 and 15. I'm not a photographer but I think they are very good.

  7. How cool! You did a great job. I just did an engagement shoot for the daughter of some friends. I've NEVER shot one either. I also shoot things, not people, so it was a challenge - for me anyway. I'm also . . . gulp, shooting their wedding next year. YIKES!! They're pretty laid-back and casual, so that helps. I'm still seriously skeered, though! Will be learning all I can between now and then. May have to contact a wedding photog and see if I can be a free assistant for the experience. And yes, they know I've NEVER shot a wedding before. For some crazy reason, they're okay with it.

  8. You did GREAT girl!!!!!! They look so good! Tracy is not a fan of white on people for pictures, but I think it looks nice in these. My favorites...well most of them. Terrible help..I know!!! I really, really like 3,9,10,11,14, and 17. TRUST ME...that is not saying I don't like the others. Those are just my favorites!!! You did so awesome with this. You'll be doing it professionally before you know it!!

  9. I agree with Tracy - no white. It seems way too bright for the rest of the shot. I don't know the proper term for that, but it is just seriously bouncing back too much light.

    I am the oddball who does NOT like the headless shots.....I do like the holding hands one, but would love it better if it did show their faces. That's just me, though. I'd say, show these to the engagment couple and see which shots they love and go from there.

    For me, I'd want my engagement photos to focus on me, not on my surroundings, but if they like those style (they are all fantastic shots!!!) then go for it!

    Overall, excellent job!! (again, as if I have any way, shape or form the qualifications to critique anyone, LOL! You kick my butt as a photographer, so take w/a grain of salt.....)

  10. I love the third one of their legs! Downtown has become very "artsy" and lots of pretty areas to do these at.

  11. You are such an amazing photographer Katie! I love looking through your photos! Outstanding!


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