Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Afternoon at Kauffman Stadium: Kid Zone & Running the Bases

We got to the kid area a little late.

As Seth and Breck were waiting in line to ride the carousel (they were next up to get on), they were told it was closing for the day.

But, the splash area was still open!

Next we decided to get in line so the kids could run the bases!

And we passed the fountains on the way to that.

After waiting in a very long line, we finally made it on the field!

As you can see, Breck wasted no time showing off his mad running skillz.

But our day doesn't end there...


  1. Cute shot of Breck running the bases!

  2. Y'all had such a beautiful day to be at a game. Look at Breck go!

  3. The fountains are awesome!! Looks like a lot of fun for everyone. Cool that the kids got to run the bases.


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