Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Afternoon at Kauffman Stadium: Jeremy Camp Concert

After the game and after the kids ran the bases,
there was a Jeremy Camp concert!

This was my main reason for wanting to go to the game.
It was a decent turnout.

But they sat us all in the sun.
Good thing we brought our umbrellas for shade!

We listened to a handful of songs, then decided it was time to head home.

Rowan didn't even make it to the car before falling asleep.

I call that a great day!


  1. Love the pictures as per usual, especially the last one.

    Take care. xxx

  2. What a fun day! I love the sponge bob umbrella!

    thanks for the comment on our ledges trip-- it was fun and though we live just a few miles from it, that was my first trip since the boys came along!

  3. Great sun flare, girl!!!!!!!! Yuck to sitting in the sun but at least you were smart and had the umbrellas. Cute, cute, cute picture of Breck walking ahead of you with his.

  4. Oh, I like Jeremy Camp! And the sleepy camper at the end.

  5. How fun! Great shots. We saw him a couple of years ago with Toby Mac & Matthew West. My husband even mixed sound for him at our church once, about 6 years ago.

  6. Uhmmmm, SO ♥ ♥ the sun flare shot! Kept going back to it and just amazed! Great job ~

    Looks like a fun family day :-)


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