Tuesday, June 8, 2010

An Afternoon at Kauffman Stadium: Getting There

On Sunday we went to our first Royals Baseball game!
(well, it was a first for the kids and I anyway)

And boy, were the kids excited!
They were great on the 30 minute drive there...

Making funny faces

and just being plain cute.

...except when Breck decided to be a backseat driver.
We gave him the map to look at and he thought he knew better than Daddy how to get there.

But Daddy got us there just fine!
And we got there early enough that the kids each got a Build A Bear Royals Polar Bear at the door!
(they often give things away and this game they gave polar bears to the first 8,000 kids. And if you're wondering, the kids are looking at this spiral sidewalk.)

Here was our first look at the field...

then we headed to our seats...


  1. I love that last shot! Looks like it was great day!

  2. Looks the weather was perfect!

  3. What a beautiful day. And girl...Breck is really starting to look like such a young man. No more little toddler. I love the side profile pic of Rowan. Very cute!


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