Wednesday, June 23, 2010

365-164 through 365-170

164: The Caterpillars Are Here!
We have finally hopped on board the butterfly wagon!

Both kids love to watch the caterpillars. We ended up being sent 6 of them and all have been named.
Rowan named hers "Boo"
(Yes, that's chocolate on her face. She had just finished eating a chocolate cookie. But her concentration was too cute to interrupt for a face washing.)

165: Trip to the Zoo
Tuesday the kids and I went to the zoo...for 5 1/2 hours!
We saw everything.

and since I've been neglecting my camera a bit, the rest of last week is also from the zoo.

166: Train Tracks Through the Fence

167: Crazy Pink Flowers on some Tree

168: Train Depot
(aka: overpriced gift shop)

169: Fountain

170: Cardinal with No Fear


  1. I love the angle of the train tracks and the cardinal just "pops" as Tracy would say!

  2. I like the crazy flower and the train station. And the chocolate! Priceless moment.

  3. Great shots - love the one of Rowan and the crazy flower!

  4. Great shots! I love dirty faced kids :)

  5. Love the train tracks and flower! We did butterflies. Great memories!


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