Saturday, June 12, 2010

365-159 through 365-163: Catching Up

These are definitely not my best pictures, in fact most are down right awful, but here's our week in review - terrible lighting, grainy shots and all!:

159: Making Butter

Wow, I never knew how easy it is to make butter. Shake, shake and shake some more.
It took me 9 1/2 minutes and Breck 30 seconds of shaking before our whipping cream had turned into butter...and buttermilk. So we made buttermilk pancakes!

(If you've never made butter, I highly recommend doing so! Kids or not. It's so cool to see the cream go from liquid to fluffy solid to a solid and a liquid. Crazy. Plus it's a good arm workout.)

160: Playing in the Rain
One of our downspouts is clogged. We got so much rain that it massively overflowed and created a waterfall just off our porch. The kids loved it! And we collected buckets and buckets of rainwater to water our indoor plants throughout the next few weeks.
Oh yeah, we're pioneers like that.

161: Peek-A-Boo, Rowan!
I'm a terrible Mommy when it comes to birthday pictures - I never seem to get a good picture on my kids' actual birthday. This was the best shot (out of two) of Rowan on her b-day.

162: Homemade Raisins
We had a lot of grapes that either needed eaten or thrown away. But then I remembered the food dehydrator I got my sister a decade ago that she never used and now resides in our cupboard.
It feels good to give. ;)

163: Catching Lightning Bugs
Obviously I did not take this one. But I'm rarely in the 365 lineup, so what the hey!

...I meant to get this posted on Sunday and then realized it's already Wednesday.


  1. I think those are lovely pictures!

  2. Don't have to be perfect to be beautiful! Fun family memories!


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