Monday, May 17, 2010

Things from the Craft Room: Fabric Flowers & Rose Cuff Bracelet

Fabric Flowers

The other morning I was browsing through my "craftiness" folder in my Google Reader.
I saw Jenny's post on fabric flowers (that's Jenny from The Southern Institute of Domestic Arts and Crafts) and immediately knew I had to make them!
The tutorial is here, at MADE, but you really should check out Jenny's idea of wrapping them in paper - sheer genius!

I made mine ever-so-slightly different.
First, I used floral stem wires because I had a bag on hand....not sure why I bought it in the first place, but it's been in my craft drawer since college.
(Good thing I'm one of those "I may need this someday, so I better move it with me where ever I go, even if that means over an entire decade" kinds of people, huh?!)
Second, I didn't do the felt thing.
It just didn't look right on mine.


Rose Cuff Bracelet

(Yes, that's a "pearl" necklace wrapped around my arm. As in the tutorial photos, this bracelet just looks better with a buddy!)
I saw this cute and girly accessory at Ruffles And Stuff. (via U create)
It is super simple to make, but oh so pretty!
Again, I slightly modified the original tutorial - mainly 'cause I broke the sewing machine I borrowed from my mom. Oops. And I was not about to hand stitch two pieces of felt together, so I just used one piece. Also, I did a lot less with the flower gluing process. I bought a small sprig of white flowers from the wedding section at Hobby Lobby, and all I had to do was snip off the flower heads and glue them onto the cuff - beads, layers and all! I did use a thorough amount of glue to help all those layers stay together, though.


  1. I'm so glad you made these, Katie! Weren't they a cinch? And I love the cuff bracelet! Hope are had a great weekend!

    P.S. I think we have the same color walls!

  2. daughter might like those. I'll have to show her. Thanks for the links!

  3. OMWord I just made those flowers tonight! How funny is that? Yours turned out better than mine.

  4. In your drawer since college??!! WOW!!! Now that is pretty serious. :) I love the flowers you made. They are cute. The bracelet...PRECIOUS!!!!


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