Sunday, May 9, 2010

My "New Look Self Portrait Photo Shoot"

Today I got a hairstyle.

Not just a cut, but a real true style.

If you've ever seen me in real life, you know that I have no style my style is very fluid.
Which, for me, is a bad thing.
It's like four different personalities trying to decide how to look.
And no one wins.

While Seth took the kids to the store, I thought I'd humor myself - and now you - by taking some pictures of me in my new 'do:

In the first three pics, all I did to my hair was blow it dry!
Hello low maintenance!

This is the "Super Star" pose:

this is my "I look a little better out of focus" setting:

this is my "Jim Halpert" face:
(The Office fans will get it.)

I straightened my hair for the rest of the pics.
It took about 5 minutes to do - fer real!

this is me trying to be cute:

This is my "Heidi Klum" pose:
I'm on the right left.
(Heidi Klum's hair is awesomely cute, so I wanted it for myself, but went with a shorter version)

Although this is very grainy, I still like it:

and finally, this is my "artsy and moody" pose:


  1. Fun photo shoot! That style looks great on you! Enjoy!

  2. Okay, I love it! And the pictures of you and Heidi Klum next to eachother... I can't tell you apart. Seriously, you look a lot like her! Great cut! I'm jealous!

  3. Sensational. Looks like you had a lot of fun shooting these! And great cut!

  4. Very cute do!!! Better watch out, your husband may not leave you alone again after seeing how much fun you had while they were away ;)

  5. Super cute haircut and photo shoot :)

  6. Again, it is great fun to see you and the pictures are so fun! I love them all! You should do a collage for your husband!

  7. Super cute. YOu are adorable. I love the "Super Star" pose. CUTE.

  8. Love it! So cute! Love the shoot too!

  9. I am sitting here chuckling. Hubby and kids leave and wife goes crazy with camera. HA!! So funny!! These are great pictures. You are BEAUTIFUL! You can really see your personality in them and I love the new style! I'm not brave enough for that although you have inspired me. I've had my same straight style for YEARS!!

  10. katie-I love your haircut.. So cute. Looks super easy and can wear it many ways!

  11. Oh my goodness Katie! You are SO photogenic! Your hair looks great, the pic are great, and DO look an awful lot like Heidi! :)

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! <3 It totally suits you!!

    and dont you just loveeeeeee the low maintence hair styles?! I got one the NYE before last and have had it ever since! (The first time i've ever stuck to a hair cut/style)

  13. Oh you girls...bless your're makin' me blush! Thank you for all the sweet compliments!!! :D Y'all have just made my month!

  14. Katie - you did have fun! Such neat shots, cute new do, gorgeous eyes and whilst I've no idea of who Heidi Krum is I like your style!

  15. Okay, this was freakin' awesome!!!! Seriously, what an inspiration you were to me with these! You were funny, full-of-life and so "real." Not to mention you are simply adorable!

    I love the rock star, the out of focus one and the Jim Halpert ones (although I have no idea who that is).

    I wish I had hair with that much body and life. Mine is stick straight very thin.

  16. Knockout. Sooooooooper cute.

  17. SO FUN!!

    Love that you took the time for you to play... Your hair is darling and uhm, you could be Ms. Klum's sister! SERIOUSLY!!

  18. :)

    Oh how fun!!! Don't you just love a little bit of "me" time?

    I love your new "do"!! It looks super on you. I couldn't believe how much you really did look like Heidi Klum....shoulder and all :)

    Wonderful idea to have a "me" blog day. Sometimes we forget to put ourselves on our blogs, but this kinda "shows" us who you are. Such a cutie!


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