Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Husband Rocks!

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Last weekend was the best Mother's Day I've ever had!
Yes, it's true that I've only had 3 of them, but this one was particularly good!

And it's all because of my wonderful husband.

My "day" started on Saturday! We all went garage sale-ing (something Seth could do without), then Seth planted the garden with minimal help from me, then while Rowan slept I got my hair cut, and when I got home he took both kids to the store! And when they got home, Breck spilled the beans that they bought me flowers! (in the form of a hanging basket - per my request because they last longer than a week!) Then our friends Jill & Brett came over and we all went to dinner. The kids were awesomely well behaved and Seth took them outside the restaurant to run while we waited for a table.

Sunday was fairly normal and relaxed.
We went to church and then went out to lunch, which was a special treat!

Doesn't Seth rock?!


Thanks to Katy Lin over at The Great Adventure for starting My Husband Rocks!



  1. Yep, he rocks!

  2. Yep, he's a keeper. The best gift my husband has ever given me is his acknowledgment and respect for what I do and listening to me {Hanging baskets not flowers, perfect example of listening}...Yep, I got a keeper too!

  3. Yep, he rocks!!! What a great weekend you had.

  4. What a sweet guy you have. He does Rock!

  5. He rocks!! There is nothing better than knowing your hubby listens(even when we don't think they are) and does things with/for you just because he knows you like it. :)
    Sounds like you had a great weekend!


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