Friday, May 7, 2010

Garage Sale Finds, Mishaps & A Valuable Life Lesson

Garage sale season is here again.

I only have a few very small things on my list, but it's still fun to see everything for sale...

We went today and got these 4 things for a total of $2.25.
Not too bad, I think.

However, our morning wasn't without incident.

After the very first garage sale find, as I was walking back to the car with Rowan in my arms, what should happen? Oh, I slip on wet grass clippings and fall flat on my backside. And yes, Rowan went flying, too. Thankfully I broke most of her fall, but she scraped the top layer of skin off a knuckle or two. No blood, thank goodness!
As for me, I somehow managed to skin my right knee, the top of my right foot and my left elbow.
Now that's talent.

And since my pants were wet with mud and grass we went home so I could change.

As we were driving home, I started to wonder why God allowed that to happen.
(Not wondering in a bad way, more curiosity, because I know that everything that happens to us is for a reason and it's all part of God's master plan.)

And literally as we pulled into our driveway, Rowan threw up all over herself.
Guess I learned the reason.
(I'm wondering if it had something to do with our fall, because she wasn't acting sick before we left and she was fine immediately after and since that. )

After a while back at home, Breck asked if we could go back to garage sale-ing.
And since Rowan was acting fine, and agreed enthusiastically to go back out, we did.

The last accident happened shortly after the 3rd garage sale.
Rowan tripped on the sidewalk (or her own feet) and skinned her nose.
This time there was blood - not much, but I'm sure it hurts.

Thankfully, that was the last of Rowan's injuries!

But before we were done for the day, Breck learned a valuable life lesson:

There was a scooter at one garage sale that he saw on the way out, and I told him if he was good at the next door sale that we'd go back for it and if it was still there he could have it as his birthday present.
(It was only $5. And he's been really wanting a pillow pet, so I gave him the choice of a scooter or a pillow pet...he thought a while and decided a scooter was the best choice.)

And just as we were walking up to get it, another little boy started riding it. So, we trailed back and waited to see if he was just playing or if his mom was planning to buy it. After a few minutes, he was still on it, so I talked to the mom and indeed, they were planning on buying it.

And in the words of The Rolling Stones...
"You can't always get what you want."


  1. Ouch Katie! What a rough time! I was thinking of you just last weekend when I saw the first garage sale signs!

  2. I have to start off by apologizing Katie...but you had me rolling laughing while reading this post. Sorry. Really..I am!! That fall is something that I would totally do. I am not known as Ms. Graceful. Really. I'm glad all the scrapes and bumps weren't too bad, but the older you get the harder you fall. I know you must be sore. Poor little Rowan..her nose must be hurting her too. I hope y'all sleep well and start fresh again tomorrow. As for the scooter..yep...a valuable life lesson learned.

  3. I can't wait to do some garage sales! I love it! Great finds by the way. Sorry for the mishaps.


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