Saturday, April 3, 2010

Walgreens $100 Challenge - First Quarter Review & A Poll

First, I want to say that these posts are not intended to brag about my savings or to bore you with long shopping lists. My hope is that they encourage you to save money and that you take something away from the details of how I've done this for myself, and in turn are able to apply it to your shopping habits or even a single shopping trip.
Because, who doesn't need to save money?!

I hadn't planned to write up a quarterly review on my Walgreens $100 Challenge progress, but the results thus far are better than I thought they'd be. And the big picture is sometimes difficult to see one post at a time.

I got everything below in the past 13 weeks.

And here's the savings break-down:

Sub-Total Before Coupons: $349.35
Sub-Total After Coupons: $34.11

That's a 90% average savings!
And all it takes is planning!

But wait!
There's more to the savings...Rebates!

Rebates Received: $27.64
Rebates in the Mail: $14.98

So, when you add up my after coupon sub-totals and the rebates I've received, I have spent a whopping $6.47!

And then there's tax.
Blasted tax. Not a darn thing I can do about it, though.

Tax: $22.94

So, all-in-all I've spent $29.41.
...that's an average of $2.26 per week.

Convinced yet???
Drug stores, which many think to be overpriced last-minute stops, are in fact excellent sources for savings!

Care to join me?
You don't have to spend $100, though - it can be a $25 Challenge or whatever amount you want - the point is that you see how far you can stretch that amount!

Are you interested in joining the Walgreens Challenge?


  1. I so wish we had the same coupon system here. I'm always in awe of how much money you save!

  2. I'd join the challenge but I need some MAJOR hand holding! I'm sweating just thinking about using coupons and rebates, and Walgreens dollars... Aack!

  3. I think that is just amazing & I am loving all those reeses LOL

  4. I think you would make a great teacher for this. You could post how it all works and the best way to do it. You know...kind of like all the emails you have sent me on getting my FREE candy and creamer!!!!

  5. I'm getting better but not quite as skilled as you are in getting such great deals. I went Saturday, pre coupon total $21, post total $10. I was very proud!


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