Friday, April 16, 2010

OP Arboretum, Visit 3

Yep, it's been 2 weeks!
So, yesterday the kids and I went to the arboretum...again.

I was expecting there to be zillions of tulips, but I was sorely disappointed. I think there were only 4-6 varieties. But, there were lots of other beautiful flowers in full bloom to make up for it!

My favorite surprise was to find this bleeding heart in all it's beauty!
These always, and forever will, remind me of my Great Grandma.
She had them in her garden and that was where I first saw them.

I didn't even notice the water droplet on top until I put the pics on my computer...oh, the missed possibilities.

I had forgotten all about lilacs being in bloom right now...until I smelled them!
Oh how I wish the pic below could be a scratch 'n sniff - they smelled sooooo great!

Even though I've seen the water features multiple times now, they never cease to impress me.

(the waterfall in this one is blurred, but I think you still get the idea)

(there's sometimes a waterfall on the rocks below, but the last two times it hasn't been flowing.)

This trip, I remembered to bring a stroller!
And the first part of our visit went amazingly well...
until we stopped for snack time and Rowan was released from her restraints.

Then this was the tempo:

Breck on the other hand was an absolute angel!
He helped when I needed it by carrying the snacks in his backpack and pushing the stroller.
And he listened to all directions very well!

I strongly believe that good behavior should be rewarded, especially when a reward is not expected. So, we went to McDonald's for lunch!


  1. man...that place is beautiful!!
    I love the bleeding hearts the best I think :)

  2. even blurred the waterfalls are gorgeous and going at toddler tempo is good :)

  3. WOW! Stunning pics! I want to go to Botanica as there is tulips, but I haven't gone yet.

  4. How beautiful - and so great to be able to visit throughout the year and see the different flowers in bloom. Scratch and sniff photos would be awesome!

  5. LOVE the bleeding hearts!!! Never heard of them before but they are beautiful.

    Great pictures. I agree that giving rewards or showing gratitude for obedience and helpfulness is good especially when not expected!!!

  6. What a beautiful place. Lilacs are my favorite -- they smell SO good. :)

  7. I love lilacs.. my favorite! Great shots!

  8. There are some beautiful flowers there to look at. So pretty!! I like the bleeding hearts best. It is so beautiful.


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