Monday, April 19, 2010

365-109: Meet the Gosling Family

Unlike John & Kate, this family isn't exploiting their 8 children, and ruining their marriage in the process, for the sake of money and entertainment.

Note: I wanted to add that the above is just a joke and I'm not trying to make a political statement or anything. The fact that baby geese are called goslings and there were 8 of them made me think of the show.


  1. So sweet! Great shots!! is having their weekly challenge collages, you should link up.

  2. Love this!!! I do feel sorry for the Jon and Kate's children:(

  3. Political statement or's FUNNY!
    Wonderful always!

  4. Cute, cute family!! I love watching the geese at the pond. And your little comment below the pic....TOO FUNNY!!!!!


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