Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Week in Review

If you follow my blog closely, then you know that we have ivy in our yard that I'm planning to take out.

Well, I got a wild idea that I should use the vines to make my own grapevine wreaths - of a sort, anyway. And so, I striped the leaves off a handful of vines and tied them into a circle using very thin wire. The wreath itself was thin, but certainly usable!

By the end of the week I'd made 5 various sized wreaths and a small bird's nest!

This week was Spring Break, so on Monday I took the kids to our local arboretum.

On Tuesday Breck had his first real playdate! It was with two kids from school. It was cloudy and damp, but we met at the park anyway because us Mommy's needed the kids to run off energy outside! It was also pretty cold, so we stayed less than an hour, but I think it's safe to say that we all enjoyed the time we had. I'm looking forward to the next one! ;)

Tuesday evening brought Grandma Lloyd (Seth's mom) to our house! We just hung out Tuesday night and on Wednesday Lorrie, the kids and I had a great day! We went to a local nursery/garden store, where Grandma spoiled the kids with these ubber cute little bunnies:

And this place is chalk-a-bok full of neat things and ideas! It's where the bird's nest idea came from. And I'm planing to make modeling clay for some eggs and maybe a bird.

After a quick errand, we went to McDonald's for lunch and the kids played in the playplace for what felt like hours. The have both become very proficient at climbing up the slides. It's the only way Rowan can get to the next level on the playground stuff.

Wednesday night the kids stayed with Grandma while Seth and I enjoyed dinner out and alone. Did you read that? Alone. It was glorious! We had Hy-Vee chinese, which is actually pretty good and doesn't break the bank. We spent our time alone filling out our NCAA tourney brackets. :) Seriously. We did. It was fun!

When we got home we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for the umpteenth time since it's been at Redbox. - For the kids, not us. - Although it is a pretty cute movie!

Grandma went home Thursday. That evening we took a walk.
...well, all of us except Rowan walked. After a minor spill, she decided she should be carried the entire way.

Looking at one of the dirty, smelly ponds that costs us a small fortune in HOA dues:

"Mom! Don't take my picture!"

...I just love her teeny pig tails!

Friday was so incredibly warm, I could hardly believe spring had come a whole day early!
So, I got a decent amount of yard work done, although it doesn't look like it.
And I took a stroll around our yard to find little signs of spring poking around!

And then, as you know, Saturday was the first day of Spring!
And we were greeted with this:

So, I ran errands in the morning. It was actually really nice - no kids to haul and chase, no obnoxious shoppers to contend with, very little traffic on the roads and I made 3 stops and drove approx 5-7 miles all within about 30 minutes!
It's a record, I tell you!
It normally takes about 30 minutes at one store with both kids!!

So tonight, after the kiddos are in bed, we will relax with our Redbox movie, New Moon!

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  1. Great week! I can't believe how big Breck looks in the picture of him in the brown shirt. He looks like a big boy now instead of a growing toddler. WOW!!!


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