Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If This Doesn't Wear You Out...

We spent a long weekend in Iowa, while Seth made his yearly journey to Vegas with the guys.

As always, it was a whirlwind trip. From start to finish took 70 hours and in that time (and in no particular order) we:

Drove 4 hours there,

Visited 2 sets of great grandparents,
2 sets of grandparents,
(I forgot to get pics with the other 3 sets)

played with two second cousins,
(one was on my dad's side, one on my mom's side)

I spent time with two friends,
(this rarely happens - think once every 2 years!)

spent the night at my mom's then my dad's then my mom's,

watched 3 basketball games - 2 of which did not turn out good,

pet horses and dogs and a cat,

took a handful of photos,

went shopping with my step-mom,

went to church,

drove 4 hours home,

And then 4 hours after we got home, we had our small group study at church.

I. Am. Tired.

...and some people wonder why I don't come up more often.


  1. I'm tired just reading it!!
    I know you were sad about the Wildcats :(
    least they did better than my Jayhawks!

  2. I totally hear you!! We get the same questions when we don't want to travel all.over.the state of Texas. on our once a year, only 3 wks long trip from Brazil to the US. Sorry folks, but if you are more than say, 2 hours from our home base, you need to come to us!

    Glad you had a good trip, though!

  3. Amen! My family always wants me to come and spend the weekend with them when my husband is out of town and I am always just too exhausted at even just the thought. But usually the chance to make memories wins out...

    So glad to meet you!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire

  4. Phew!!! Do you have time to rest a bit?

  5. I guess you are tired. You haven't stopped. You stayed busy!


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