Monday, March 8, 2010

I Missed You Guys!

While my bloggy vacation was nice, I sure did miss blogging and my bloggy friends!
(Did you notice that I couldn't wait til Monday to start posting again?!)

I'm happy to be back and want to thank those of you who sent me emails or left me comments letting me know I was missed! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved!

On my break, I got some important things done:

1. I cleaned my car - like really cleaned it...well, the inside. I vacuumed, steam cleaned the carpet and the kids' car seats, and cleaned all the glass. It looks great now and I won't feel ashamed when another parent at preschool peers into my car. That's actually what motivated me to clean it in the first place - I'm pretty sure I heard a gasp of horror from one of the other moms as she caught a glimpse of my backseat.

2. Steam cleaned our dinning chair cushions.

3. Made a monthly menu plan.

4. Played with the kids more than I normally do - and yes, we played tag and hide & seek a lot!

5. Cleaned the bathrooms.

6. Did a bunch of laundry.

7. Worked on three crochet projects.
(I'll show them to you when they're done)

I also made some time for me without the kiddos.
My fantastic girlfriend took me out to dinner for my birthday.
Thanks, Jill! It was just what I needed!

And I got to go clothes shopping all. by. myself!
It was glorious!!!
I even found jeans that fit!
And $3 shirts!
I got 4 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans for $48!

My actual birthday-day, on the other hand was terrible. Thanks mainly to one angry 3 year old. I know it's tough for young kids to be happy for others, when they aren't in the spotlight, but Breck was furious that it was not his birthday! And so he made my day less than great. I think Seth had a talk with him, because right before bedtime he came up to me and said: "Mommy, I'm happy that it's your birthday!"

How could I stay mad at him after that?!

I hope you had a great week!
I'm going to try catching up with my reader, but I probably won't be commenting a lot, so know I have read your posts even if there's no comment from me!


  1. And how wonderful it is for you to be back! Yay!
    I can't imagine being able to stay mad at him after (I can see big baby eyes) looking at you and telling you he's happy it's your birthday. Though you and I both know he really, secretly, wanted it to be his birthday.

  2. least he redeemed himself :)

  3. Both you and Jenn gone in the same week was not good. I missed you both!

    Sounds like a great week was had {expect for the Breck Birthday thing}. I went clothes shopping by myself too! It was so lovely!

  4. Sounds like a great bday week to me!! How awesome you got some "me" time. I love when that happens around here. Poor Breck!! Poor thing needs to learn that getting old really isn't much fun. HA!!!

  5. You got lots done. Sorry your birthday was not the best...but you got some mad deals while shopping that always makes me smile:)

  6. I remember trying to explain to a three year old I COULDN'T 'let her go first' birthday wise.... she was very angry at her parents for organizing it all so badly :P

    Glad you got some fun time/things to celebrate tho'!


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