Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Decoration

Not long ago, I came across a tutorial on how to make a very neat Happy Birthday decoration.
(Update: I'm not sure why the link isn't working correctly, it's the right url and I've been having troubles getting to it from my bookmark, so I think it may be on their end. Sorry!)

We had a short piece of 4x4 in the garage and couldn't figure out what purpose it originally served, so I quickly confiscated it and put it to good use:

I made one side for Breck:

And one side for Rowan:

In hind sight, I should have sucked it up and bought big letters, rather than using what I had on hand, but oh well. We'll live.

I made the photo holders from 20 or 18 gauge wire that I've had sitting in a craft draw for years and used pliers to twist it.

I'm only about 80% happy with it, so I'm thinking of embellishing with birthday stickers and such things. Any ideas???


  1. I love the embellishment idea...and maybe matching birthday crowns for each of them that matches the design you used in the background?

  2. I like it! I really like the idea of matching birthday crowns by meanbean above.

  3. Looks adorable - definitely embellish some more.

    Link doesn't work though...

  4. I actually think it turned out so cute. Love it!

  5. Cute! I'd be tempted to add some bits - flowers or stars perhaps depending on the side?

    Glad you used your stash tho'.

  6. That is SUCH a fab idea! Wow! Perhaps some stickers on it would be great, but I think that would date it. As it is now, they'd be able (and probably happy) to use it into their teens!

  7. Look at you little miss Martha Stewart!! This is so cute! I think it looks great. Embellishments would be nice, but I am with Luschka in that you don't want to "date" it.


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