Friday, March 12, 2010

Breck Says the Darndest Things

Today I was showing the kids where Brazil is on the globe.
(Uncle Josh, as mentioned here, is there now for farming stuff.)

After finding Brazil, we looked at the rest of the globe.
Breck put his finger on a country and the following conversation ensued:

Breck: "What's this place?"

Me: "That's Poland."

Breck: "Oh. I like Poland!"

Me: "What about Poland do you like?"

Breck: "They have bears." in Poland Bears.



  1. Ah! That is just too cute! I remember when we were at church camp with the little ones and they were all worried about bears. One of the little boys who was 7 raised his hand and said "My mommy said all the bears are at the beach, don't worry, they won't come back until the day we leave." Well, as it turns out, one of the bears decided to make an appearance and the same little boy shouts out "God please tell my mommy to stop lying to me!" Guess God has His hand in the situation all along. All the kids learned a lesson on lying that day. :P

  2. LOL on Breck and the above commenter!

  3. Now that is just too cute! Kids amaze me. And how funny on the story in the comment above.

  4. Kids really DO say the darndest things! So sweet, tho'!!


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