Sunday, March 7, 2010

365-060 through 365-066: A Week in Review

365-060: Brooch

365-061: Birthday Brownies

365-062: : Lunch

365-063: At the Park

365-064: Swingin'

365-065: Pinecones at Sunset

365-066: On A Stroll


  1. Some lovely shots - the pine cone one is amazing! Missed you this week!

  2. Varied and wonderful shots! Thanks for sharing! xxx

  3. OK...Yeah to having you and your awesome pictures back. 2 yummy brownies, 3 great park pictures. I love the one of the play scape. Awesome. 4 beautiful sunset.

  4. Love the pine cones and the swings!

  5. these are great!!! been missing you :)
    hope you had a wonderful bd week!

  6. Love them all but the FIRST ONE is my FAVORITE!!!

  7. These are great pictures!! Those brownies look yummy. I have officially given up on the sweets. I'm not letting them back in my house. :)

    The picture "at the park" is amazing!! Very artistic and creative!!!

  8. They are all awesome but the brooch is my favorite and then the pine cones and then the swings. Oh, all of them!! Awesome job!

  9. Those are all so lovely, I browsed them thinking I should let you know my favorite, but I couldn't, LOL...I love them all! :)

  10. All of them are amazing! Looks like you had a great birthday. I could not pick a favorite... Can I have 7 favorites? :)

  11. I can't decide which of those I like most. I love the mood of the brooch, but the choc brownies look fantastic! and the stroll one is also really beautifully moody! Well done!


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