Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wildcat Weekend

Me and my good lookin' crew joined up in Manhattan several hours prior to tip off. We chilled in Aggieville for a few, then headed to The Patio for lupper...dinunch...whatever meal is between lunch and dinner.

and we enjoyed a pitcher (or three) of Tallgrass Ale to cure our pre-game jitters.
(it's even brewed in Manhattan, KS!)

I had the world's most bland hamburger.
Not that it was bad, just flavorless and nothing to write home about.
...although I just did.

After we ate, we headed to the big game!

And waited in the cold to get inside.

Once inside, you could feel the 6th Man excitement in the air!
Maybe it was because we hosted College GameDay.
Or maybe it's because we broke the GameDay attendance record!

And there were a lot of famous people there, too:
Darren Sproles, Bill Snyder (although he's always at the games), Dick Vitale, the ESPN guys, and Erin Andrews.

Me: "Hey, Dick Vitale, would you strike a pose for the camera?"

Dick: "What's that, young lady?!"

Me: "I said: would you strike a pose for the camera, please?"

Dick: "You got it. How's this? I'll tell ya how it is - It's awesome, baby, yeah yeah yeah!"

After Mr. Vitale was through posing, we resumed normal Wildcat fanfare.





And of course, there were the signs.

This one's my favorite:

When the opposing team's starters are being announced, the students always hold up newspapers. Then when it's time for our starting line up, they tear up the newspapers and throw then into the air like confetti.
I love it!
(and I'm glad I don't have to clean it up)

I didn't get any good shots of the game, mainly 'cause I was too busy heckling KU players cheering very loudly for the Cats.

But, this is my interpretation of what Frank was telling the guys during halftime:
"You guys go back out there and win. It is unacceptable to lose at home!"

And even though we lost - blame the refs, which is what I like to do, or blame a few costly goofs by the Cats - it was a great game and KU better be ready when we bring it in Lawrence!

"Fight, you K-State Wildcats. For Alma Mater fight-fight-fight.

Glory in the combat for the purple and white.

Faithful to our colors, we shall ever be

Fighting, ever fighting for a Wildcat Victory!


One final thought:
Erin Andrews, you should eat a cookie or maybe an entire box...


  1. Did u get my previous comment??!? I am soooo jealous you were there!! My friend was here from Kansas and we watched the game from a sports grill--NOT the same!!!
    You have to email me so I can find out where u live etc..I am planning a trip to Kansas (hopefully to see a game)

    sorry your cats lost--but it was a great game!

  2. You must be fairly close. I live in Wichita. :D

  3. that looks like a fun game!

    thanks for stopping by on my big day!

    No, we are still learning Italian. Its been a challenge but really fun at the same time :)

  4. What a great montage...I am pretty sure erin needs to eat a little chips and dip too!

  5. okay so I went back just now to the other post and saw your response {I was looking for a response in my email so duh!}
    ANYWHO!!!!! all I can say about rooting for the wrong team is that boys make you do crazy things!! haha!!
    AND guess what!! I'm getting to go to Kansas and watch KU play Iowa :)
    I'm super excited I have never been to Kansas and I can't wait to see baby J :)
    hope this little "rivalry" won't keep us from being peeps!! haha :)

  6. I played in the wildcats BUT the Swedish wildcats basketball in Halmstad - I did love it. MB

  7. Great pics and looks like so much fun. So sorry about that sorry burger! What a bummer!! heehe! :)

  8. Following along now! Come follow me too if you'd like...

  9. What a great time it looks like y'all had!!!! We get pretty excited about LSU around here too!!!!


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