Friday, February 26, 2010

Walgreens $100 Challenge - Week 8, Trip 2

The Excedrin deal was just too good not to go back for more!
The stores around me (or maybe it's just the "mean cashier") limit one RR item per deal per person, so I don't push it with lots of transactions in one day.


I paid $0.00 + tax for the following.

Excedrin Menstrual Complete 20ct
Price: $2.50, on sale
Mfg Coupon: -$2.00, IP coupon
Store Coupon: none
Final Price: $0.00
RR Earned: $2.00

(2) Hershey's Peanut Butter Egg
Price: $0.75 each, $1.50 total
Mfg Coupon: (2) -$0.75/1
Store Coupon: -$.50, ($0.50 each with in ad coupon)
Final Price: -$0.50
RR Earned: none

Sub-total before coupons: $4.00
Sub-total after coupons: $0.00
Sales Tax: $0.27
Savings Percentage*: 100%
*(Note: Savings percentages are calculated prior to tax. There is nothing I can do to decrease my tax amount, and that is why it is not factored in.)

RRs in hand: (1) $2.00RR from Goodie, (2) $2.00RR from Excedrin, and (1) $4.00RR from the Venus Razor deal last week!

Main In Rebates on their way: $7.64 from Schick, $15.00 from Olay.


Yearly Totals

Amount Spent (incl. tax): $31.12
(still waiting on a $7.64 rebate and a $15 rebate! These amounts will be added back into my Walgreens fund once I've received them.)
Amount Remaining: $68.88
Amount Saved: $147.39

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  1. How do you do it? I have tried...but I really cannot figure it out. I need to take a couponing class.


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