Friday, February 5, 2010

Walgreens $100 Challenge - Week 5

Today I started out with one $2RR from the Pert Plus deal last week.


I got the following for $4.86 + tax.

Vitamin Schtick Lip Care
Price: $1.99
Mfg Coupon: none
Store Coupon: none
Final Price: $1.99
RR Earned: $2.00

(2) Advil 50ct gelcaps
Price: $4.49 each
Mfg Coupon: (2) $2/1, from Sunday inserts
Store Coupon: none
Final Price: $4.98
RR Earned: $5.00

Puffs tissues 108ct
Price: $1.49
Mfg Coupon: $1/1, from a home mailer
Store Coupon: $0.60/1, in-ad
Final Price: -$0.11
RR Earned: none

RR Used: $2.00RR from Pert Plus deal

Sub-total before coupons: $12.46
Sub-total after coupons: $4.86
Sales Tax: $0.95
Savings Percentage*: 61%
*(Note: Savings percentages are calculated prior to tax. There is nothing I can do to decrease my tax amount, and that is why it is not factored in.)

RRs in hand: $2.00 from Vitamin Lip Care & $5.00 from Advil


Yearly Totals

Amount Spent (incl. tax): $10.01
Amount Remaining: $89.99
Amount Saved: $80.31


  1. Another round of great deal!! Woo hoo!

    PS...I went and got my creamers last week. Thanks for the coupon info.

  2. Jenn - Glad you got them cheap!! Every morning, when I grab my creamer, I think of you! :)


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