Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tot School is Back - Week of 2/7/10

If you read my parent-teacher conference post, you already knew this was coming. After a very long break, we're back at tot school with light to moderate force. Because we wouldn't last long if we went at full force!

This time around, I'm not doing themes and I'm probably not going to make up my own games. Instead, I will print off things that someone else has already figured out! :)

Breck is still attending preschool twice a week and his teacher regularly evaluates the kids and puts notes in his folder, so we know how he's progressing and where he needs a boost. I'll be going off of that for the most part.

Letter Tracing
(found at DLTK)
This is by far the activity that Breck dislikes most. But when he actually tries, he does a pretty good job!

Story Time
Lately Breck has been wanting me to read him lots of books. As in 5 or more in one sitting. And usually it's Mercer Mayer!

Matching Uppercase and Lowercase Letters
(found at File Folder Fun)
Breck played this several times this week. The first time was a bit overwhelming. So the second time he played, I broke all the lowercase letters into 'levels' and once he completed one level, he moved onto the next - just like the game on Daddy's phone! ;)

Monster Manners
(found at File Folder Fun)
Breck played this game three times in a row the first day. I think he liked putting the monsters into their designated 'homes'.

Memory Games
(these are from his Highlights High 5 magazines)
"We" played two different memory games this week. One was sea shells and one was mittens! Breck did not want me to find any matches, but wanted me to play. Good thing we also worked on manners this week! :)

He did a pretty good job of remembering where certain cards were. I had to slow him down a little so he actually looked at the card and then I gave him a verbal description of it, which I think helped a bit.

Numbers Bingo
(cards from DLTK)
Breck can not identify numbers, so I though this game might help him along.
We started out with me just calling out numbers, but he didn't do very well. So, I made up little calling cards with the number and corresponding word. This way he had a visual aid for comparison and did much better. We used buttons for markers.


Baking Cinnamon Rolls
Something Breck's teacher recommended was to have him use his hands whenever possible. I think this is to keep him busy and out of trouble. ;)

Either way, he gladly helped me make cinnamon rolls!
He sprinkled the yeast, stirred the dough, was the official taste tester and helped roll it into a log!

"If one thumb is good, I bet 10 fingers would be even better!"


  1. Wow you all have been busy learning and having fun. The best time!

  2. Great start again!!!! Follow his lead. That is my opinion. I've NEVER made cinnamon rolls from scratch. I use Pillsbury. :O)

  3. I like the file folder games. I'll have to check out that site. I've never made any but I think they would be great for my little ones too. Just need to get a laminator!

  4. You guys did good! They have a lot of great activities! I'm going to print out a few for my kids.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, girls! :)

    Isabel - I don't have a laminator either, instead I printed everything on card stock and basically decoupaged the uppercase letters to the file folder using mod podge.

  6. What a fun week! The upper lower case matching game looks like fun! The last picture is to cute!


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