Monday, February 8, 2010

Hook. Yarn. Love.

There are several things in our home that have been made by my Grandma Scott. My Grandma is quite talented with a crochet hook. And incredibly patient! I've seen her unravel a nearly-done blanket because she found a teeny tiny error way back at the beginning, that only she could see! But I guess that's more of a perfectionist, eh? ;)

In any case, we love all the things into which she has put her love and time and effort. And I'd like to share those things with you!

The very first thing she made us was a king sized afghan for our wedding. It's her own tradition to make one for each grandchild when they get married. So, I knew it was coming, but it was a good thing!

Then when Breck was born she made him a baby blanket.

And somewhere along the line, I think maybe for a Christmas, she also made a casserole cover - purple in fact!
(please excuse the awful photo, I had trouble getting the purple to show up correctly!)

hat & scarf set,

and a lion blanket for Breck.

And finally when we had Rowan, Grandma made her a baby blanket too.

So, even though I don't see my Grandma very often, she's thought of on a daily basis!
I love you Grandma!


  1. So talented!! Her work is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the lion blanket.

    I love sentimental items such as each of these.

  2. those are all beautiful!!
    I know you will cherish them and so will your babies :)

  3. My GG (Grandma) crochets too, I love it. What a FUN lion blanket!!

  4. Those are just gorgeous!

  5. Amazing work - love the lion blanket with that mane :)

  6. What lovely herilooms you have. I have crocheted baby blankets, but it's got to take PATIENCE to make a King Size! Wow, impressive.

  7. Beautiful. My grandma made all of my kids a blanket too. We love them.

  8. Wow! She is talented! :D Those are georgeous!

  9. Grandma Scott does a superior job!!! I love that lion blanket.

  10. Awww...those are priceless pieces of her heart for you to cherish. Lovely workmanship. I wish I had her patience.


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