Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I'm Working On...

I'm working on two blankets and several preemie and newborn hats for a friend of ours who works in a local NICU. I told her of these blankets and hats in mid-November, but the holidays turned out a little busier than anticipated and I had no motivation to crochet when the hustle and bustle was over.

But, it's time to get off my backside and get these finished! So, I'm working on them this week.

The blanket below is a simple checker board pattern, and I will not do it again. I hate sewing blocks together and that's how this one's assembled. I have 8 more blocks to crochet, sew them together and then sew in all the loose ends.

Do you have any tips for sewing them together? What kind of stitch do you find works best?

This next one is the first one I made - if you've been around here, you may remember seeing this one. I love it! The ripple is really smooth and flowing and the colors are much brighter than your typical baby pastels.

I've also finished 2 preemie hats. I knew these would be small, but they are sooo tiny! It's hard to imagine a real live baby can wear these. I'm planning to make a couple more in bigger sizes.

ETA: I totally forgot to include the links to these patterns. Bad blogger.

Block blanket
Ripple blanket
itty-bitty hats


And this last one has nothing to do with babies.

It's the pencil drawing for Breck's dinosaur painting. It's not really this dark - I super-boosted the shadows so you could see it a bit better. I'm trying to draw a pterodactyl, but am having some issues with perspective...

Once I get that drawn, I'll move onto painting - yikes!


  1. Ok, love the second blanket and little hats. They are very tiny but I'm sure they are going to mean so much to some family who has a baby in the NICU. That is so sweet Katie:)

    Now, those dinosaurs are great!!! I could never draw and paint my kids walls with anything but stick people...lol!

  2. great job on the blanket and hats.. My crocheting skills only consist of blankets ( not blocked ). Maybe you'll have to do a tutorial on how to make those adorable hats! You are so good!

  3. The blankets/hats are wonderful - love them... and the drawing looks good. The boys want me to paint a skateboard guy on their walls when we paint. I'm thinking shadow is what I'll do so I don't need all the details inside

  4. Love them! When I worked for NILMDTS, people used to donate little white hats and blankets. So sweet! Now, that I work of the NICU (but haven't gotten a call yet...I hope someone like you will make them for us around here!

    So sweet!

  5. Girly girl...you are super talented. love the blue and green set. Cute.

  6. I love that pink color you chose for the blanket. Very, very pretty!! And the blue and green ones came out so adorable. I'm sure some mom will treasure these for years to come.

  7. You are super talented! My preemie recieved a special crocheted brown and pink blanket during her stay in the NICU. We all love it, and are so grateful for the woman who made it. Those preemie hats are sooo tiny but most needed for those tiny precious heads.

  8. Wow...creative, creative, creative...I love it!
    Great colors and photo collages (I need to find out how to do that!).
    I usually do one of 2 things when piecing together my crochet squares. I either "sew"them using yarn and a large eye needle, OR I use a regular single crochet stitch incorporating a loop from each side...this kinda creates a raised line, which is neat looking.
    And, lastly (long comment, lol)...THANK YOU for posting the ripple pattern! I made a quilt like that when I was pregnant with my son 21 years ago! I loved it and have never been able to find the pattern, and I'm TERRIBLE at trying to recreate it, LOL.

  9. That's so good of you to make premie hats and all that. Well done! I love the bright colours too... we're a bit fed up with the pinks and pastels of our baby girl's wardrobe! Great idea to add some brightness in there!

  10. You are very very talented! Great blankets and I love the painting.


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