Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mac & Cheese {From the Pantry}

Another recipe adapted from what we have on hand.

The kids wanted mac & cheese for dinner, and usually we have the boxed version in the cupboard, but we're currently out. And since it is Eat From The Pantry month, I used what we had.

Pasta from two boxes of Cheeseburger Helper,
(reserving the sauce packets for a later date.)

some Velveeta we had in the fridge,

and some sharp cheddar cheese, also from the fridge.

1/4 cup milk

I cooked the pasta as usual, cut and shredded the cheeses, threw them into the cooked and drained pasta, added some milk and left until the cheeses had melted.

The kids gobbled this up! I tasted it, but thought it lacked flavor - maybe a bit of the cheeseburger mix from the Helper box would help it along.


  1. Great job. You are being creative. Good for you. Looks good.

  2. Mac and cheese is definitely an A+ meal at our house. That came out looking great!


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