Friday, January 29, 2010

Look What the Husband Dragged Home...With a Little Help.

A couple days ago, Seth was at a food show for his job.
When he got home, he came bearing flowers!
Then he went out to his car and brought in a giant cookie for the kids with their names on it!
Then he went out to his car again and brought in a box of food.
And then an even bigger one!

I kept asking how much everything cost. Finally he told me $50, which I was pretty happy about, especially considering the pepperoni alone would have cost $20 in the store.
And then he told me he really got it for free!

No joke.

Apparently at these food shows, the vendors trade goods.
Seth works for a chocolate company.
'Nuf said.

I must note that the timing of this is beyond mere coincidence.

This month we participated in the Eat From the Pantry Challenge and I had set a pretty low grocery budget for the entire month. (although we ended up spending double that amount) As a result, some things, such as meats other than chicken, fresh fruits and bbq sauce were nearly gone. (Seth refuses to use the bbq packets I've hoarded from McDonald's) And to completely replenish those items all at once would have cost a pretty penny. Now we don't have to worry about that. Plus, a lot of this is food we normally would not buy because...simply put, it's beyond our means.

Also interesting to note is that our church put out a call for food donations. I've been thinking hard about how to get the most for our money during this drive. And with this bounty we received, I won't have to worry about stretching our dollar so far it hurts. (of course, I'm still going to stretch it!)

The fact that this abundance comes at the exact right time can only be attributed to God providing for His children.
Yes, Seth brought it home. Yes it was through Seth's job.
, the Lord worked His ways so Seth could have this job.
The Lord knew what our circumstances would be at the end of the month and He provided.

Now, this isn't to say that if you pray for food, it will show up at your door. I mean, it could, but it's unlikely. What I'm trying to say is that if you put your faith in Him, your worries will be put to rest.

Oh, and those flowers there on the left side of the table were also free...our anniversary was the very next day! ;)

Totally God at work here!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. If you have faith, He will put your worries to rest. Praise God!

  2. Actually that very thing happened to us once. I was about 11 and we were broke! We'd been living off potatoes for a few days already, and not had lunches to school. My folks hadn't told anyone, neither had we. My mom came to collect us from school and when we got home I went to open the door while she took my little brother out the car. I came back and asked her why she'd left all the groceries on the steps and she didn't know what I was talking about. Someone had left bags of groceries on our doorstep, from basics and staples to treats, including icecream. We never found out who it was from. It was an amazing miracle, as far as we were concerned!

  3. We've been in the same boat - finding out we have more month left at the end of the money/groceries. Sometimes it's hard to recognize God's hand in all this, but it's definitely there and I'm so glad that you are well taken care of!!

  4. You preach it girlfriend. God is so faithful and He provides every time! I am rejoicing with you!! It is SO FUN to have FUN food, especially FREE FUN Food!!! YAY!! =)

  5. Just like the 5 loaves of bread and the fish...he will provide!


    God provided in an amazing and totally unexpected way!

  7. I'm always amazed to hear about the Lord's blessings. Such abundance!

    May you have a wonderful weekend,

  8. i just clicked over when i saw your comment on my sis-in-laws blog (thornamong roses) we have a son named rowan! don't hear that everyday ;-) it's actually my maiden name! xoxo

  9. That is SO awesome! Actually, GOD is SO awesome! I LOVE watching Him work, watching Him provide, watching Him do everything. What a joy!! And what a blessing for your family. Doing a happy dance for you! :-)

  10. Oh we of little faith!! Look at all you were given!!! WOW. God is so good and we just so don't deserve it. What a great encouragement this post was.

  11. That is so awesome and So GOD! Wow amazing!

  12. This is an amazing and wonderful thing that happened to your family!


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