Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Amazing!

This makes me smile because:
1. Breck doesn't take naps anymore - I can't remember the last time he did.
2. He asked to take a nap in Rowan's room while she slept.
2a. He didn't just barge in, instead he asked permission.
2b. Both kids slept at the same time!
2c. It was sweet that he wanted to be near his sister!
3. He had his pillow and blanket all ready to go!
3a. The blanket he chose for his nap is the one I made!
4. He was very quiet when we went into Rowan's room - she a pretty light sleeper.


  1. That is such a sweet picture! And wow... to get a "free" time... what did you do with yourself?

  2. This is precious!

  3. That is sweet. Mine fell asleep at the mall yesterday...he never naps either. I was shocked.

  4. Yay Breck! Love the sweetness of a sleeping child

  5. He must have been pooped out. Pretty amazing that he was quiet enough not to wake Rowan.

  6. So sweet to watch them sleep! :D

  7. That's so beautiful. You should print this photo and write down all those things you posted about it on the back,then tuck it away. I'm amazed at thankful I am for little things I wrote down 15,18,20 years ago...:)

  8. Girl.....I love, love, love this post! Even though I have not met you IRL, your post of sweet little Breck made me smile! Such sweetness.


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