Monday, January 11, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls in the Making

I couldn't take all the blog posts about cinnamon rolls anymore!!!
I broke down and made some - the PW's way even.
I have to say that it was nice to not knead any dough.
And then I overcooked them.
...nothing a little frosting can't take care of! ;)


  1. Oh yum!!!! I just looked at this recipe when Tracy was here. They look delicious!!!

  2. Yum. I like your collage.

    The photo of the rolling pin is great.

  3. I love those... I still have two pans in the freezer!

    But, this should make you laugh... the last ones I cooked I was using both my ovens to cook them all faster... and well, I couldn't figure out why the tops were getting so brown in the one oven. WHEN I WAS ALL DONE, I realized that I had the bottom oven on BROIL!

    They were still good, just crisper on top!

  4. Yumm! They look delish!

  5. I made them twice - yummy. And, I documented it, but your pictures are WAY better! Makes me want to go take mine down. Seriously.

  6. LOL...caver-in-er! I haven't yet...but will. Ink I will MAKE sure to make them with loads of company over, like my Book Club they will be eatin' and NOT left laying around! LOL

  7. Yum! We really enjoy cinnamon rolls!


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