Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Day!!!

We finally got some snow!
(I knew if I complained enough about us not having any, that it'd show up!)

Thankfully, we only got a heavy dusting, unlike Seth's family who are further west (12 inches) or my family in Iowa (15 inches)!

So, after 30-minutes of getting dressed warmly enough, the kids and I went outside to play in the snow.

Rowan had some trouble staying on her feet, but she still had fun.

and Breck would not stop running!

Then they thought it'd be fun to get the summer toys out! I pulled them around the yard in a big race track oval quite a few times. I consider pulling 60+ pounds through grass and snow my workout for the day week month.

Then it was time to go inside - mainly because I couldn't feel my toes! Rowan went down for a nap, and Breck and I made some "gingerbread" houses! And what would a gingerbread house be without a gingerbread car?! ...that's those squares sitting in front of the houses! ;)


Here's one for you animal tracking experts - what kind of animal made these tracks?
They were on our deck, in a fenced in backyard, and we have no pets.


  1. We are still waiting on ours. Isn't it fun dressing the kids in all that snow stuff... NOT.. LOL.

    And the houses look great. Did you "glue" them together before hand for him, or did he do that?

  2. Getting the kids dressed for cold weather makes me want to stay inside even more!! I 'glued' the first house together and he helped a little with the roof, but mostly he just ate frosting! So, for the next house I had him decorate some pieces before gluing them, and that's how we ended up with cars! He would NOT let me use them for the house!

  3. Wahhh...I am crying....I would LOVE to be in the snow!!!! My kiddos would LOVE to be in the snow too. Maybe we should move!

    Cute gingerbread houses. We made one over the weekend. Only my kiddos convinced me to get the premade Walmart one. Blah!


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