Saturday, December 26, 2009

Move Over Thin Mints!

Mmmm, don't those look yummy?! They are!

My friend Erica posted a recipe for these here. She uses wafer cookies - I think if you can find the chocolate ones she talks about these would be a perfect match and you'd have a good shot at selling the girl scouts these cookies when they come knocking on your door! (ok, maybe not - they don't knock on doors. You'd have to go to Walmart.) 
Be sure to heed her mint portioning advice!!!

Kraft has a similar recipe using Ritz instead of wafers. And Ritz is what I have coming out my ears right now. I was a little worried that the salt would be too strong - I'm not a big fan of the sweet/salty mixes like chocolate covered pretzels. Just sweet for me, please! - But, they turned out pretty darn good!

If you're a fan of thin mints, this is a must try recipe.
And it'll also save you a fortune by not buying overpriced cookies.

And if you have Wheat Thins to use up, as I also have coming out my ears, try my other friend Jenn's recipe!

(Disclaimer: I'm not opposed in any way to helping great organizations like Girl and Boy Scouts. I just don't don't think it's necessary to pay a small fortune to do so.)


  1. These look absolutely wonderful! Thanks for commenting at Bee Wise Bags!

  2. Yep, I made these and they are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!


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