Sunday, November 15, 2009

30-Day Giving Challenge: November 8 - 14

This week has been tough. Especially considering there were really only 3 days when we left the house! But, while we were out a few opportunities presented themselves and I'm happy to report that my "no" habit was changed to a "yes" habit!

This coming week we'll finally drop off our unused things. We'll be taking coats to the Land's End Big Warm Up, dropping off food at the local Harvesters' location, and one or two more drop offs.


Below are a few good resources for contributing in one way or another:

Living Water International - An organization that provides clean water to impoverished people by training them to dig and maintain wells. (I saw this on Kingdom First Mom) - This is an option for helping the hungry worldwide without ever leaving your computer, and it's free and educational.

Charity Navigator - Curious how good a particular organization is at making the most of your donations? This site will let you know.

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