Sunday, November 8, 2009

30-Day Giving Challenge: November 1 - 7

I have to admit, the more and more I thought about this challenge, the harder it seemed to be. How on earth was/am I going to give each and every day?!

At first I was really stuck on who and what "qualified" for my giving to "count." And then it dawned on me that thinking like that was nothing more than playing a game, which this most certainly is not! So, I prayed for guidance and help.

And I came to the realization that I probably won't be giving each and every day, and for those "days off" I will make my plans to give...such as sort through the kids toys and our clothing to donate or finding where I'll be dropping them off.

I also prayed for the Lord to open my eyes to opportunities He presents before me.
...and wouldn't ya know, He delivered! ;)
(although several times, I didn't)

Here's a little about how my week went:

November 1st, the very first day of this challenge, was also the first time I'd read about it. So, I felt a little behind already. I talked with Seth about this whole 30-day thing - after all, he is the one bringing home the paycheck! And that night, while he was opening his mail from the previous day, there was a request from an ATO brother (Seth's college frat) for a donation to St. Jude's.
Coincidence? I think not!

November 2nd, I already had something planned.

November 3rd, I ended up being sick and didn't really focus much on giving. But, when I checked my email in the evening, there was something that pertained to this challenge! And it wasn't a way in which I'd have considered giving during this challenge. It was simply a request for information. And all it took was a little bit of my time.

November 4th, I have to admit, I really dropped the ball on this day. I did minimal sorting at best. There was some giving-brainstorming and a handful of prayers lifted up for specific people.

November 5th, Lots of sorting got done! And it felt oh-so-good! :)

November 6th, I was able to buy several food items for pennies by combining my coupons and store sales. However, and as embarrassing as this is, I did have several opportunities to give in other ways, but I didn't. I totally dropped the ball on each and every occasion. This is a habit I'm hoping to break soon!

November 7th, I devoted the majority of this day to my kids, because not everyone who needs giving is a stranger. We spent a lot of quality time together, rather than just quantity time.

The second part to this challenge is to record ways in which God blesses you from and through giving. And I think the best way He's blessed me this week has been with patience. I usually have about a teaspoon's worth of patience, but this week I seemed to have a full cup. ...and that equaled a lot more happiness all around!


Here are a few ways to give that I've come across this week:
  • Donate various items to a NICU
  • Crochet for charity
  • Send a card or care package through Make A Child Smile
  • Clip extra coupons from the inserts, next time you head to the grocery store take them with and as you pass those items, place the coupons next to them
  • Donate blood
  • Ask local daycares and schools if they can use recycling items for projects. (such as toilet paper tubes, milk jugs, empty tissue boxes, shoe boxes, etc)
  • Bell ringers are already out and instead of avoiding them this season, try carrying change in your pocket or purse just for that little red bucket.
  • Want more ideas? Go to - they have a great idea-search engine!
  • Kingdom First Mom, Alyssa, offers several Free ways to help!

If you are participating in this challenge, I hope you had a great week of giving!
And if you aren't participating, perhaps you will soon?

Have a great week everyone!!!

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