Saturday, October 24, 2009

Step Up for Down Syndrome

Today was the long awaited Step Up for Down Syndrome Festival
(it was so much more than a walk!)

The kids and I got there late.
I lost track of time at home.
...Imagine that.

We ended up finding LC and Alayna's team tent around 11am, got our shirts and headed out for some festivities!

The first stop was at one of the many bouncy houses
(there had to have been at least 6 large ones!)

and Rowan waited patiently for Breck to be done having fun without her year, Rowan, next year.

Right next to this particular bouncy house was a stand for Kettle Corn, so we grabbed a bag and walked around. (there were assorted vendor tents all along the perimeter with free goodies!)
We stopped to watch a group of kids dance to some songs on the Radio Disney Stage.

Then it was off to find the lunch line!
Along the way we stopped at the AE stand for chocolate milk! Mmmm.

Here's Breck eating his lunch of potato chips

and Rowan winking at the camera.

Breck went through this super cool train
(and nearly got stuck inside...thank goodness someone had the foresight to have kid volunteers inside to help!)

We also saw some big kites.

It was at this point that I realized we should probably be heading over to join the team for the walk.
(It's a rare occasion when I wear a watch, and today wasn't one of them. Plus I left my phone at home, so I was clueless when it came to the time of day.)

And, if you couldn't guess it, we were late.
Everyone was already lined up, and finding the only 3 people we know out of 7,000 proved too difficult to do.

So, we headed home.

But not before a leg-burning hike up a steep hill!
I was pushing Rowan in the stroller and was glad Breck agreed to get out and walk!


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