Friday, October 23, 2009

Stats on the Kiddos...and a rather long vent.

Yesterday both kids had their check-ups at the doctor's.

Rowan had her 15 month check-up, even though she's 16 months.
And Breck needed a "physical" (that I could have easily done at home) for preschool.

Both kids were supposed to get their flu shots, too, but they only had one for Rowan and were out of the flu shots for Breck.

So, here are the stats on the kids:

weight: 26 lbs
height: 29 inches

weight: 32 lbs
height: 3 feet exactly


I might add, just for the sake of venting, that I couldn't find this doctor's office - I drove on the same one block stretch of road for nearly 45 minutes trying to find this place. Cried. Asked two people if they knew where it was, they didn't. Cried. Asked someone else, she didn't know either. Called Seth who called Josh, who saved my sanity because he looked up the address (which I left at home) and directions. So a BIG thanks to you, Josh!!!! Got to the doctor's office 15 minutes late. Apologized to the girl at the desk for being late and she replied with a wonderfully-snippy tone that our appointment was 15 minutes earlier than what I had been told, so we were 30 minutes late, not 15.

Then as we are heading back to the exam room, I notice that this place eerily resembles a sketchy county clinic...old building, old equipment, no patients, dirty floors, etc.
The nurse we had was super nice. I'm not sure why she works at this place.

The doctor, on the other hand, was the sort who must be at the center of the appointment, because he is after all, the one who knows everything and I am a simple, feeble-minded woman.
After correcting him on how to pronounce "Rowan" and that she is in fact a girl, he then question every little scrape on both kids, as if he were taking notes to send to Child Protective Services. Then I had to explain why our kids are short (ie: I'm 5'2", Seth's 5'7") and that there's nothing wrong with them and re-measuring them wasn't necessary. He also directed me to put lotion on the kids' dry skin, because I surely would never have thought to do that on my own. And he told me that the way in which I handle my kids waking up in the night is not the most effective and I should think about doing something else.
And as if none of that was enough, he made a point to come back into the exam room to tell me that I really shouldn't start potty training Rowan because it would be too hard to do right now. We hadn't even discussed potty training and I most certainly have no intentions of starting with her for at least another year - unless she's ready before then.

So, I'll be taking Rowan back there for her second-round flu shot. And then I will start looking for a different pediatrician's office. One that is clean and modern and doesn't employ jerks.

Thanks for letting me vent.
I feel much better now.


  1. I feel your pain. My youngest just broke her arm Wednesday. The ER called their doctor on call. He looked at the x-rays and said he wanted to see her in the morning to cast her arm. (Went with the on call doctor because our specialist we have used before is out of town) Well get to the appointment and doctor is no where to be found. Wait an hour and he does not look at her arm just says bring her back in a week and I will cast her arm then. Needless to say we are not waiting until Thursday. We have an appointment Monday with the doctor we like.

  2.!!!They questioned the scrapes and bruises?!?!? HELLO!! They are children. They fall!! Gee whiz!! I am so sorry you had such an horrible experience with this doctor. I definitely think I would be finding a new one also. Hope you have a better day today!

  3. Finding doctors after a move is the worst. We had one we loved before we moved here... and never really found a replacement. Luckily, my children are all old enough to not have to go unless they are sick (except Ms. S... she still has to go for her last shots sometime in two years).

    I will pray that someone can give you some good recommendations!

  4. Katie-I can give you some good ones if you need some names! :) Sorry that one had such a complex!


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