Friday, October 16, 2009

A Peek at Breck's Christmas Wishlist

We've been talking on and off about the fact that Christmas is coming up soon.
And Breck is old enough to remember he gets presents at Christmas.

Now, every time a commercial for a toy comes on, he is quick to voice his desire for said toy.

But, the one thing that makes him yell the loudest and voice his need for it is:

The Perfect Brownie Baking Pan

...I'm inclined to agree.


  1. This is pretty neat. Never seen it before.

  2. Love it! And I hear it works!

  3. Im sitting here with Launa and she is obsessed with that thing now!!! So hilarious, she screams "I love brownies, I need that!"

  4. I agree...every time I see that commercial, I think to myself I need to get that!


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