Friday, October 9, 2009

Around the World: Antarctica

Today we went on our first overseas trip!

And we went to Antarctica!


The trip started off with a plane ride!

Breck was not only a passenger, but he was a flight attendant too!
He did a great job helping the other passengers find their seats.

If you look closely, you'll see that we had both coach and first class seating.
I allocated the proper amount of leg room for each section.

Once everyone was seated, I told them our destination, along with proper flight rules.

and handed out their passports.
I also mentioned that they should guard them with their life because if those things get lost, they won't be able to get back into the US.

We went through take-off, turbulence and landing.
Breck really enjoyed the bouncy turbulence!

Once in Antarctica, we started our sightseeing.

The first thing we saw were Emperor penguins!

Breck went and snuggled with the babies

and then measured up against their mama.
Did you know that Emperor penguins really get that tall?! 4 feet to be exact.
But probably not near as robust.

Rowan took the stare and point approach of sightseeing

until Breck and a baby penguin chased her.
I covered the couches with light gray sheets so they looked a little more like ice bergs.

Then Rowan, being the invaluable sister she is, picked up Breck's passport that he dropped...

...because he and the babies were headed to play baseball.

After saying goodbye to the penguins, we came across an orca whale!
the blue sheets were water, btw!

When I told Breck he was standing in the water, he immediately started swimming.

He started with a front crawl,

then moved to a sidestroke,

and finally decided on the backstroke.

Before we left, the whale was kind enough to pose for a picture.
The kids are showing off their passport stamps!

(here's a better look)

Next month we'll be visiting Egypt!

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