Saturday, October 31, 2009

54 Days...

...until Christmas!!!

I'm always amazed at how close Christmas really is around this time of year.

I have 54 days (just a smidgen under 8 weeks) to figure out what I'm making for Christmas dinner - and make it. To find the perfect gift for nearly 20 people - and wrap them. Decorate the house, etc.

I have a few crafty things in mind that the kids and I can do to jazz up our toy room: Christmas countdown chain, snowflakes, etc. And the dinner table: napkin rings, placemats, and maybe a table cloth or holiday runner.

Are you ready?!


  1. Ready, nope. Thinking about it, yes.

  2. Definitely not ready, but have no choice but to be reminded that it is getting close. They already have the Christmas brownies out at Walmart. Yikes!!


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